I’ve been so busy working in a library and studying to be a librarian that I haven’t really felt inspired to blog … but I wrote a short post for the SLA Academic Blog last night, and it made me realize I wanted to say something here too.  So:

If you are going to ALA Midwinter, or otherwise talking to vendors, in the next few weeks, please consider handing them (or mailing / emailing them!) a Library Society of the World protest coupon to let them know how you feel about SOPA. You can find LSW SOPA protest coupons here (PDF), licensed CC0 by their creators, to modify at will.  Lots more details about the  Midwinter plan are also available, at Non-harassing protest of SOPA at ALA Midwinter, and ongoing ideas about how to use these coupons keep popping up in the Library Society of the World FriendFeed room.